Faceless Anonymous – 顔なしの顔です!

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 UTC

If you ever had the chance to lurk some in a web forum or image board, you have probably [though unknowingly] met Anonymous. “Who is Anonymous?” you might ask…

Anonymous delivers:

Anonymous is both the brightest and the most brutally numbskull being that can possibly exist. Anonymous is a god amongst men. He is the proud inventor of the moon and assassin of former president David Palmer. Anon, as referred to by close acquaintances is harder than the hardest metal known to man: diamond. He does not forgive. He was born and raised in West Philly and currently dwells in Bel-Air with his uncle and auntie.

Anonymous is the collective intelligence that reigns over the internet. Anon is you and me, your mother and father; even grandma the first time she got mail. Anonymous is everybody and nobody. An expanding entity known by many names.

Anonymous is omnipresent; hence ever-lurking. Always hidden at the turn of a corner; waiting for new content to add to his repertoire. Anything that is made available through the internet becomes Anon’s private property; indestructible and unforgettable, as it becomes part of a greater collective erudition. Once you have gone through the threshold and stepped on this sacred land, you belong to the internet; you belong to Anonymous.

Anonymous tells Anonymous what to do, and Anonymous generally does it. Anonymous is extremely difficult to keep under control.

Anonymous is feared by governments and individuals as they are not under anybody’s control except for their own. There are a few insignificant attempts against this fledged and faceless beast, such as the KRRN used as a condition for participation in some Korean networks. Anonymous is untempered.

In accordance to John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad

This well-founded theory explains a part of the true nature of Anonymous. A normal person would fear to speak freely as action against them might take place due to a taboo in a society or culture; especially coming from bigoted, prejudiced, intolerant persons. Anonymity offers a way out of this scheme: the normal person is beyond the reach of mere taboos and the simple-minded minions that bear them, as their identity is concealed. The normal person, as result of this, can not be harmed. The normal person becomes fearless.

The fearless freedom that comes with anonymity soars even beyond the wildest fantasies of most philosophers and dreamers alike, for the seemingly boundless Cyberspace is mostly untamed by governments or cults. Anonymous is then free to disregard restrictions established by mere mortals and intolerant societies. With the guarantee in case of an adverse situation that the Right To Vanish is.

The lack of fear reveals the deepest aspects of true human nature, otherwise scornfully rejected by society standards; and possibly labelled as inhumane, indeed profoundly immoral. Even so, as limitless as the internet is, there are always spectators eager to become the audience for these outbursts of the most profound and true human psyche.


3 Responses to “Faceless Anonymous – 顔なしの顔です!”


    QUEASY, QUEASY LOOK THIS IS HILARIOUS http://www.myfoxla.com/myfox/pages/Home/Detail?contentId=3894628&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1

    Fox News talks about Anonymous and how they are an INTERNET HATE MACHINE, how their names come from SEKRIT WEBSITES, and not to mention that they do it for the LULZ, a corruption of L-O-L which stands for Laughing Out Loud.

    Not to mention the exploding van.


    “Domestic terrorists,””hackers on steroids,” they say…

    Do not forget the CURTAINS, they WILL keep you safe from ANONYMOUS. She even bought a DOG!

    Ah, right wing media, you’ve got it all wrong… again

  3. […] long hours at the look for codecs that would reveal the inner truths of an unsettling video file Anonymous sent you, you find yourself in a never-ending voyage; you realise that the universe, in its […]

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