The Students Will Rise!

Sunday, September 16th, 2007 UTC

Education is put at stake by misleading evaluating procedures and curricula designed to suppress and maltreat creativity. Schools today manage to transform the eager youth into idle-minded minions of a null society. How has this happened?

The passive approach to education wholeheartedly schemes to bring the naturally inquisitive down. A textbook becomes the ultimate decision-maker, while students are taught to fear it rather than to be critical of its contents. Understanding, once the basis of education, is now undermined; replaced with memorisation. Passion starves, almost vanished, for there are no reasons to be passionate about. Subjects as fascinating as History and Literature are reduced to reciting definitions and dates; Mathematics and Physics educators overlook concepts and berate pupils for not obtaining the the right answer, the textbook answer. Learning metamorphoses then into a duty rather than a pleasure.

Automatisation follows passiveness in such a shallow system. Even though people are able to act as one, each person needs their own individuality; a fundamental facet of human nature. Individuals, stripped bare of their very individualism, become one more number, one more grade. Education is then not only unassertive, but also dehumanised. No attention can be paid to a pupil in particular. At this point, education has become naught more than a product for the masses; a service for the populace of a consumerist society.

Passionless students worry about their grades rather than about the quality of their education, gladly accepting assignments that in no way measure their academic ability. What validity does having a colourful notebook have as to asses the competence of a Physics pupil? The system desperately tries to fool itself, attempting to become convinced that it is doing well.

Passiveness and automatisation leave no room for controversy; anything that differs from the conventional must be eradicated. What seemed well-nigh impossible in George Orwell’s 1984 now leaves a bitter taste in reality; history is fraudulently rewritten by governments as to eradicate its most distasteful aspects, in a way not different to that used by Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. Vietnam veterans would be horrified to hear that most high-school students know naught more of it than its very existence. Biased curricula only encourages the youth to see the world with eyes of bigotry; working against cosmopolitanism in such a globalised society, ironically enough.

How can society evolve when its basis is stagnated? In a world where imagination and creativity are fundamental for coping with the ever-emerging issues, such a situations seems nigh on a cruel joke of destiny.


2 Responses to “The Students Will Rise!”

  1. 2時 Says:

    ara araa, oh dear. taking things seriously is lol, but this is a moderately delicious rant, so have at you:

    simply put, the current educational system is a bastardization of everything that should be prioritized and cherished. we’ve become a mass, an ocean of bland and flavorless people. individuals unable to think individually, if you will.
    think about it, the system lasts for twelve years plus pre-school. in elementary school, curricula which are recycled yearly are systematically memorized, regurgitated onto a test sheet, forgotten, and re-learned. rinse and repeat for six years. the exact same happens for another six years in high school, with a slight increase in difficulty. knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not only unencouraged but severely hindered, because students are forced to toil with ineffective and unreasonable methods instead of being free to invest their energy in actual learning. if a school is not a place to learn, then what is it? a school is a place to keep your children in until they are old enough to go to college. a ridiculously expensive nursery where the only thing drilled into students’ heads is the incredibly bleak conformist yet effort-oriented, anti-individualist, and utterly bland and flavorless mindset which we are so proud of. college is, of course, the noble goal of students with the “right mindset”. college is where these aforementioned bland and flavorless people spend an additional four years of intensive training so they can get a moderately paying job, have a family, and start the climb up the corporate ladder to fill themselves with a self-worth whose emptiness they are oblivious to.
    this should be deeply disturbing, but our taste buds have become dull and we settle for stale pasta instead of delicious cake.

    sometimes, this oh-so-wonderful system that tyrannizes our youths makes me entertain the ideas of good old plato and his oligarchy of philosopher-kings.

    an elitist oligarchy wouldn’t be too bad, you know.

    now that that’s typed out, i’ll need to go study for a biology test tomorrow, go figure.

    i am the queen of bitter ironies WHOO YEAH WHOOO.

  2. Jean Marie Says:

    After reading this, it seems that the most ideal manner of education would be aprenticeship. That way, a “pupil”, as you enjoy putting it, can completely master in the specialization of his/her choice, and be educated in the proper way with a combination of theory, practice, and research. No longer will memorization be necessary, because when one is passionate about a certain trade, that passion is absorbed into the very soul.

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