Camembert Clerihew

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 UTC

Mr. Queasy, the fish.
If only he could have a wish…
to polish drafts, just a few
in lieu of a measly clerihew.


4 Responses to “Camembert Clerihew”

  1. mittens Says:

    Tee-hee, Monsieur Queasy,
    do not yet be uneasy.
    Pursuing stale thoughts will only have you stop dead,
    let’s have some rounds of flimsy clerihew instead.

  2. Mr. Queasy Says:

    Very well, my dear Mittens,
    your eagerness a playful kitten’s,
    let us have quaint and many verses of capricious clerihew.
    From nonsensical to whimsical and paradoxical, to name a few.

  3. mittens Says:

    Always effusive, Oscar Wilde
    Sighed into a wreathful of flowers and smiled.
    There are no better companions
    than barbed wit and trembling geraniums.

  4. Mr. Queasy Says:

    Remember a bloke named Seuss Geisel?
    Oh no, he did not write about a weasel,
    but instead about the antics of a rather cheerful cat.
    Have a guess? Of course, it was The Cat In The Hat!

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