Libertines, Tyrants, and Man.

Thursday, January 10th, 2008 UTC

If only Man could live like those other
freethinkers who exist o’er existence.
Libertines past humanity’s wonder;
those who love for its sake, without pretence.
But Man berates himself for such amours.

If only Man could live fearless of those
who dare oppress and punish other men.
Yet ’tis naught but o’ fancy an o’erdose;
Oppressors are no more than other men
and Man himself is the only Tyrant.

Alas, there’s yet more for Man’s sweet dolour.
If it be regarded in true candour
what he loves and fears most is ev’ryone.
Libertines, Tyrants, and Man, all are one.


3 Responses to “Libertines, Tyrants, and Man.”

  1. mittens Says:

    Ah, the freethinker, in his Atelier of tasteful décor, he is so alluring, undeniably. But where does his merit lie? He is just as much Man as the next Tyrant. If a freethinker a Tyrant’s jewelled crown wore, would his thinking not Tyrannical become? And oftentimes wearing such jewelled headdresses is tempting–nay, inevitable.

    I love the delectable Libertine, he never gets stale. He turns thoughts around so delightfully, much like flipping pancakes on a frying pan. But perhaps a little cynicism, a dash of egoism, would not be at all a bitter contrast to his flavour. Rather, it might make the texture all the more rich.

    Because Man likes to parade under a masquerade of faces, Tyrannical or otherwise– thus a kind of particularly captivating man is one that is both Libertine and Tyrannical.

    There is nothing quite like Machiavelli, he writes of sensible tyranny, detached–almost Taoist– manipulation to achieving one’s intentions forcefully, but elegantly. And though I think I will stay away from the conquest and management of empires, myself, the philosophy need not necessarily apply solely to that. Sometimes, we are tricked into believing that controlling things is out of our reach, yet we have a tremendous and endless potential to influence anything, if the cards are played right.

    Though in a way I have bypassed (or perhaps misinterpreted) the point you made, which was poignant– but I hope you may forgive me, the ambiguity was irresistible, and thoughts branch off much like path leads on to path.

  2. Mr. Queasy Says:

    As with most of my writs, the only possible misinterpretation is assuming that they have no more than one interpretation. It is quite unlikely that a reader will one day read exactly what an author wrote unambiguously. This is especially true of metaphors —whilst I may remember Sunday Afternoons with familiar warmth, you may not necessarily have an identical or nearly similar feeling.

    As of a Tyrannical-Libertinous Men, they seem like a plausible possibility— no, a necessity. It is a rather expectable outcome to have a Man be both a Libertine and a Tyrant to a certain extent as they attempt to balance the foibles and strengths of their character.

    No matter how Tyrannical a Man is, or how Libertinous, there will always be the eventual delusion of Power; and no matter how powerful Man may be, he will always be attracted to being able to control their ideas and their kismet— at least in their minds.

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