Respice post te, Hominem te esse memento

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 UTC

The parade tore air itself asunder
as trumpeteers unfurled their great fanfares,
so heralding the imminent thunder
of lordly stallions pulling gilded chairs.
This revelling in triumph no man spares.
Even in lofty Olympus so high
no god would dare claim men’s glory not theirs.
Disgraced were those who’d staked the Dux defy
yet the shamed alone knew they were to die.
A crown lingered o’er the general’s head;
stain and vice his godly robes did belie.
A slave held the wreath over him, and said:
Look behind you, your glory fleeting is.
You are but a man, do not forget this.


2 Responses to “Respice post te, Hominem te esse memento”

  1. howard Says:

    I always wanted to write sonnets, but both the form and the attention span seem to elude me. I love the ending.

  2. mittens Says:

    Why, thank you. Sonnets are nice; smooth and solid, quietly majestic, and oh so fun to write. But the rhymes are so daunting! I think I’ll stick to prose and short verse, for now.

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