Rowdy Rondelet

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 UTC

Poet’s mischief!
Shenanigans! Tomfoolery!
Poet’s mischief!
A rhyme falls like a golden leaf;
a piece of fancy jewellery.
But half-rhymes are tomfoolery!
Poet’s Mischief!


5 Responses to “Rowdy Rondelet”

  1. mittens Says:

    Savoury words!
    Verbose vanilla, salty terse.
    Savoury words!
    Jars of rhyme in handy cupboards.
    Baked words, of fragrances diverse;
    Life is writ in flavourful verse!
    Savoury words!

  2. Mr. Queasy Says:

    Delicious Cake!
    Made of chocolate! Bring some milk!
    Delicious Cake!
    It’s flavour you can not mistake;
    the taste of it is soft as silk.
    Prithee, do not forget my milk!
    Delicious Cake!

  3. mittens Says:

    Seize the muffin!
    Ere jealous time claims it and flees!
    Seize the muffin!
    Ere its soft grains start to toughen.
    The flavour is still pure, so please–
    While it’s still fresh and near you, seize!
    Seize the muffin!

  4. Mr. Queasy Says:

    Tapioca milk tea goodness!
    From the most remote Alaska,
    to Antarctica aloofness.
    Longing; tapioca goodness.

  5. mittens Says:

    Magical train!
    D’you remember? O, sweet delight!
    Magical train!
    ‘Round and ’round, again and again!
    Out-speeding existence, smooth flight!
    A fleeting whirl; poems ignite.
    Magical train!

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