pastel-coloured reverie

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 UTC

Ah, isn’t it lovely how we always seem to sit and stare at things in obstinate defiance, awaiting for epiphanies to somehow reveal their succulent secrets to us? But they always come uninvited anyway, in their own time, so there’s no point in rushing them. The secrets of life are covered inside such an exquisite candy wrapper. We might as well unravel them slowly.
Even when unsatisfying days seem to pile up, gathering in little rows of diagonal marks on calendars, surely the skies, at least, are still beautiful; and if you but look closely, so are the myriad foibles and fallacies embedded in loose, everyday words.

Life is a cake of two equal parts frustration and fun– any other ingredients are merely faint flavourings and colourants.

Each sees a different panorama–or perhaps the same scenery in a different light, but what gives. (Humans are interesting things indeed, look at them ponder universality as mere individuals!)

It would be so wonderful to sidestep everyone’s masks, just brushing them away! And instead, gaze at the same scenery they see, as it is reflected in their own eyes. (Points of view are, after all, the epitome of identity.) If I could be allowed a merit, oh, that would most definitely be it.


2 Responses to “pastel-coloured reverie”

  1. Mr. Queasy Says:

    oho. such a power would simplify things quite a bit; being able to see things as others see them.

    but alas, I enjoy so much trying to figure them out.

    Life is indeed a cake; frustration and fun are fine condiments that go well together making it all the more delicious.

  2. elshazamerie Says:

    How lovely it is indeed to sit and ask questions of the stars, with ears that hear a million replies but accepting none at all. The response shall come in its own terms, perchance as a soft petal that randomly landed on one’s hand, or as a massive train that happened to go berserk as one walked along the rails, dragging one with all its might.
    If we never did ask the cosmos some questions, then we would just accept those strokes blandly.
    Despite our presumption that an answer makes us better, which in fact it does not at all times, the quest is nonetheless worthy.
    What man or woman could live in a world where he/she did not wish that tomorrow be better than today? Probably those who do not make it better with their own might.
    Eat the cake, with flavours added by both chance and will. ’tis delicious!

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