It ends tonight

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 UTC

A man walks a dusty road in slumb’ry agitation, wherein his senses convince him that the entire weight of the world and possibly other planets rests on his shoulders, crippling his already-weakened back to the point where he can no longer walk. The air itself is mucky with negative energies that seem to filter the entire road he treads, dragging his feet, into a specific direction the man knows in his heart he has no real wish to pursue but cannot help it at all. His mind, treachery and swirling in its own whirlpool of passions and grievances, is set ablaze even further when his weeping eyes are entirely ignored by those along the path, who in their own fashion contribute to the whole package he drags by hurling with remarkable dexterity weather’d stones into the bulk. The man starts to wonder if these people are fit to be called humans, for there is naught a human attribute that can be said at moment’s notice about them, except the ensuing cruelty they are ever ready to display without previous beckoning or need. And so the man, scraping his shoes, now reduced to mere slivers of rubber entangl’d with dirt and weeds, with the rock and stone, walks alone with only his apparent heavy luggage on top of him, making him crawl.

People oft feel the relentless weight of this world and other planets in distant galaxies sinking, uncalled, into their shoulders, that disfigure their complexion and deviate their path into the easiest one at hand, with the least slope, because hey… my back can bear no more, I beseech you! And so the darkness of others and the treacherous mind give the final blow unto the heart of men. Almost all people can say within their conscience that this is not an isolated incident, that it does have some veracity within each own existence. I daresay some even feel the tingle when something extremely familiar knocks at the doorstep with a gentle touch even now.

Negative energies abound, and humans are like sponges that absorb the air and the spirit of whatever touches them the strongest, ignoring other energies floating, hovering, airborne, waiting to be chewed and swallowed with ravenous hunger. One needs at times to feel the darkness, only to allow oneself to caress the light even stronger, gently rocking and forever invigorating. So if you feel Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (for it is a planet, I say,) and possibly the distant green planet’s weight upon your back, if you feel the darkness of others slapping you across the face with strong wrists and harsh hands that have never in their life span heard of a moisturising cream, and their stones cast viciously upon the whole package that is verily enough, then, my friend, do as you ought to the moment you “decided” to wander with that weight: Stop, drop everything, smiting its ruin upon the floor, and say “It ends tonight.”

Your life is so much more precious, beyond other people’ s reckoning or acknowledgement -Who are we to say what you are worth in this steaming noodle soup?. If you must, digest all that darkness in your system and hurry to the loo, and let it go, before you might have a bad case of the runs. Transform the darkness into light, and be filled with the positive energies that are calling you via megaphone, that are within your hands’ grasp. I assure you, the sun will shine the clearer, the stone will seem softer, and the world will smile upon you, gleaming with beauty. Your shoulders will let out a massive sigh, and you will walk upright for the first time in many days. ’tis time.

It ends tonight.


2 Responses to “It ends tonight”

  1. mittens Says:

    I must confess, one of my most favourite things to do is sit and listen to morose tales, even when they scarcely concern me. Such is a hobby of mine.
    I would be inclined to justify this as some sort of fallacy I’m drowning in, an illusion of altruism, the dazed conviction that one accomplishes selfless things by taking burdens and piling them up over one’s shoulders, but I know better. I was never driven by false altruism, but by my thirst for fresh enjoyment. There is just something so charming about anguish, proven it is compelling enough.
    Among the sweetest things in life is the taste of poison, especially when one realizes its toxicity and drinks it with a smile anyway. Such is hedonism; such is a Renaissance of simple, clear elegance slowly stained grim and majestic Baroque. Of course, I would probably not decline a true blue sky, sun-splashed and fresh, but now and then nothing is more satisfying than the sinister quietude of death.
    Heartfelt pain is a fancy thing, and too many times she is condemned to a lonely exile in little corners and basements of our minds, where we furtively glance in unease at her harsh, ugly face, and we never let her speak– her true compassion, is oft lost to us.
    So, rejoice!– be glad that the weight of the world (and worlds amidst it and surrounding it) is not unbeknownst to you, and that the next time you laugh, you will know just how precious laughter is.

  2. elshazamerie Says:

    ’tis said that one must feel the darkness to recognise the warmth of light, in all its glory. If there is no real base of comparison, then one cannot really distinguish one end from the other, and so everything spans into the same line. As true as this is (for everything falls into its own category, which in turn conform the massive spider web of the cosmos) and if one feeds from only one flavour of the noodle soup, then life would be in black or white, instead of grey -or purple-scale. Darkness is there to make the world shaded with different tints, opposed to blankly coloured.
    But then again, constant and profound shades distort an image, erasing lines and making everything the obscurer. If, again, darkness is all you feed of, then I say change plates, ere your stomach loses its edge. Upon a most shaded cave, beyond eye-capacity for some sight, then I say grab a flashlight and carry on spelunking. Who knows what you may find.

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