Bomb shelter, with no bomb call.

Saturday, April 12th, 2008 UTC

If you bear with me, I wish you to picture in neat colours several images, and make of them what your heart thinks is becoming of the case.

A person bending their knees, and then sprinting, amid a roaring battle-cry, into a massive flying kick, only to crash bluntly against a wall of steel, without making as much as a scratch unto it, whilst sustaining several fractures.

A paper airplane dashing, airborne, with grace and elegance unto an open classroom, only to meet with closed shutters, activated at the time of arrival. The paper is rendered crippled and bent, losing its beauty between two plastic blades.

A hammer raised unto the sky, shining with the afternoon sun, whilst taking careful aim at a nail that awaits the blow. The hammer dives in a swift movement unto the nail, only to bend it into a most weird shape, useless and less rigid than butter on a midsummer day. The wood is most certainly not pierced, and it waits in disappointment, contemplating the epic failure produced thence.

You decided what to make of them? Dumb question, I understand.  I will just elaborate on mine thoughts.

Fresh ideas have so many tints and colours, textures, shapes, fragrances… Upon the beholder’s eyes, some are dark purple, with blotches, oval shaped, and carry this putrefactive smell of a flat’s residues, rotting in the sun; some are perfect circles with an olive-green hue, and smell of roses and of far green countries under a swift sunrise. Splendid, bland, incomplete, or simply dull, as it is, ideas fly upon this world, turbo-sped with rockets.

What happens, then, when an idea collides with a mind that has been closed with heavy locks, dusty and rusty on its hinges, that will not take any visitors, will suffer no guests, will have none of it? There is a huge explosion at the doorstep of the mind, and the idea evaporates with the smouldering blazes that are swept away by the wind. The idea verily might go to waste, unto uncharted skies where no one will ever look upon again…  That is the fate of some great ideas that have flown into closed gates.

What if the idea was positively worthy?! That is terrifying, that a fantastic idea collides against a closed mind and vanishes from this world.

But wait, there is more. The explosion lasted for an instant, less than a simple heartbeat, and the smoke vanishes into thin air with blinding speed. There is nothing… And yet the mind is alert of such by-gone intruder, and immediately flees into a bomb shelter, without previous bomb call. No wail of warning filled the sky, but the mind is already in motion, locked even further, deep in a bunker, dragging what it can into the walls, positively quivering in fear despite never having seen the nonexistent mayhem.

This is mindless ranting, so if you bear with me for a moment, let us wrap this up in a nifty envelope. The mind is to have its gates open, welcoming foreign riders for an ale and at least letting them sit upon the hall table and share their views of the world. Now, it is to have a stead fast determination and some judgement, for when the foreigner draws blade and tips the table in an insulting fashion or something not becoming of a proper guest, it ought to be thrown out by the citadel guards. However, the mind is to listen at least, open its vaults of knowledge and light the beacons, for as annoying, brazen, rude, charming, eloquent, astute, etc. the foreigner may be, there is a bit to learn from its words ere it departs.

Open those gates!! Do not let the idea crash upon the gates! Do not flee, enveloped in panic, when the rider comes hence. You know not for sure what accompanies it. There is no bomb call wailing.


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