Viva la Revolución

Friday, June 20th, 2008 UTC

Have you any idea how grave a mistake it is to mar a young mind? And no, I’m not talking about beating children, or subjecting them to brutal work. I speak of an abuse far more subtle, a slow and lethal poison that seeps through the skull and corrodes the mind, threatening to squash the humanity out of the human heart.
I speak, of course, of the educational system.

As they join the ranks of schools, youths are force-fed an assortment of over-inflated values and priorities which constitute a forlorn and frightening mindset.

Indeed, youths are force-fed, binding them to a chair of eternal conformity. They’re teaching you all you need to know to go to college and get a job and a car and a family, so why would you bother looking for knowledge yourself? School has conveniently prepared a flimsy set of answers to the questions of the world, and bullies us into memorising them all. If we refuse, school sees to it that we are shunned as uncooperative, lazy, and misguided.

As if memorising answers flexed the mind at all. The most anyone could get from witless memorisation is a feeble semblance of self-discipline, which is rendered meaningless anyway as it cannot be applied to anything which has a worthwhile practical use.

—No worthwhile use? But how, if we just said that school will get us a job and a car and a family? Yes, it will. And that’s just fine. But see, the incentive process, for an average school-goer, goes something like this: You’re in school only so you can get good grades and get into college. And you would want to go to college just so you can find a job, and proceed to climb the interminable corporate ladder. And what’s at the end of all this? I dunno. No one really knows. It’s something extremely vague, like, oh, happiness. Or self-realization. Utter bollocks.

Not that I have anything against the white-collar life, or the working class life. What irks me is the neverending toil to a an end that is wholly meaningless. Working relentlessly simply to keep up with a difficult status quo holds no true significance and very little satisfaction. The small, hollow consolations it does offer are obtained at the tolling cost of losing something as dear as the mind’s potential, or the interest to tap it.
Such an existence is glaringly mediocre at best, and I wouldn’t call it worthwhile.

But of course, it is just this existence which our school system so champions, and urges us into. It is, perhaps, like snatching newly-hatched birds from their nests and forcing them to pilot bird-sized hang-gliders to and fro in embarrassingly straight lines, instead of allowing them to learn true flight.—Unnatural, criminal!

And then there’s the teachers, the great and ruthless secret police that holds up this rotten regime. The system is such that it not only allows ignorant people to teach, it calls for them, and they do their job magnificently.
There are some scarce wonders with something good to teach, but those few are, in someone else’s words, like drops of water in the desert. For the most part, entire class hours are reduced to either bravely enduring or dozing off to stupendously incoherent lectures ridden with fallacies and examples that hardly apply. Fascinating subjects are distorted into mechanical and thoughtless penwork. Overbearing counselors coerce you into taking SAT prep and registering on collegeboard.

And as opportunist corporate gluttons make millions by administering rubbish tests and other services, the students must suffer a watered-down parody of education in order to be able to support their businesses.

The system is deteriorated and doddering, severely entangled in faux-bureaucratical rules and regulations. Aptitudes are caricaturised and curiosities are squashed.
The very joys of life are rudely confiscated, one by one, as the system tries to take itself seriously.
And the very epitome and most cherished treasure of mankind—thought, of course—is mercilessly bastardised.

Come now, comrades, the system must be done away with. The time for revolution is nigh.

With that said, congratulations, graduates— you, who have braved classes and still retain a love for knowledge, are heroes; emerging triumphant against the perversity of the system.


9 Responses to “Viva la Revolución”

  1. elshazamerie Says:

    Forlorn into a submissive regime that only strives for the most incompetent blokes lies the bereft-of-cause educational system the Salvadoran peoples so desperately champion.

    We can only imagine the mindless horrors that the faculty would experience, upon realising that there are a few lads, ever-willing to learn and to construct a more meaningful world. That is beyond their mental capacity, for only what has been prescribed as years wax and wane is to be regarded with any seriousness. Anything else that may deviate from the tepid and insipid curricula is to be labelled without hesitation as blasphemy, or at best utter bollocks…

    Perchance the utter bollocks lay under their very nose, but the faculty’s olfactory organism has been so accustomed to the less-than-fragrant smell of shit that anything to the effect of genuine aroma is detected at once and confounded for shit, whist shit itself is all the nose knows about and therefore neglects its putrid smell, confusing it for what is always there and what is needed. “Sure, fellows… We’ve been handing this to you for the last twenty eight years… We know it is what you need, so enjoy it. There is no one to stop us from enjoying it, so ENJOY IT!! And stop crying!!” Students glare at the faculty with almost a madman stare, trying to comprehend where the logic of smelling shit becomes the necessary sense stimuli. Truth be told, there is no logic, beyond what the power of the handbook and the parent-signed contract provides. “I grant you the power to feed my child bollocks, in whatever fashion you may desire. Also, do your best to annihilate his/her imagination.” Thus it is that, upon reviewing countless matters of psychology, perchance beyond most’s line of interest/profession preference, students are allowed a mere grumble, and stumble into the submissive Bembridge scholar-like lesson unto its end, for there is no undoing it.

    Marvellous to study, it is, in a school that has no true regards for teaching beyond what is to be memorised unduly, depriving children of their will to combat dragons and adventure into interesting lines of thought. “YOU ARE TO LEARN PSYCHOLOGY, AND MEMORISE PHYSICS, OR I WILL FLUNK YOUR SORRY LITTLE ARSE!”
    Thank you, professor… How kind and selfless of you. I will treasure memorising physics over actually comprehending it. And by the way, words simply cannot offer adequately my gratitude befitting of your labour, when you flunk me out of mere whim.
    Thank you. Here is a kiss!! Toodloo!

    What if you are with the ardent desire of exploiting your imagination, letting it drive you out into the far reaches of space within a single eraser molecule; what if you have the anxiety of actually learning things that are becoming of you, that may shape your future and your line of thought, that may make you wiser? Experiences are lessons, indeed (and as such, learning codswallop in a forsworn system provides marvellous lessons; we were in need of them, and now know better,) but let us not betray what can truly be good and bastardise it into a depraved idea of learning.

    Students one day, sometime in their school existence, will tap their heads, and say: Oi… I shall have none of it. Let me learn truly.
    Miracle, it would be, if for one moment students can step out of their heavily reinforced wall of “Ay no…” and “I am soooo popular!! LOOK AT ME? ARE YOU LOOKING? CAUSE IIIIII THINK YOU ARE NOT…” and tend to their brains and hearts that long for better energies. Perchance school is not a proper feeding place for such energies. Not yet.

  2. I, too, long for a revolution.
    I will wear a hat.

  3. Mr. Queasy Says:

    Once, people thought of not wearing a hat as being radical; also not wearing an undershirt beneath a dress shirt was scandalous. Does the revolutionary always become the stick-in-the-mud?

  4. No; I simply like hats.
    Take care.

  5. Mr. Queasy Says:

    I did not intend to elicit information; I simply like non-sequitur rhetoric questions.
    Good day to you.

  6. mittens Says:

    Lighten up there, Queasy. Don’t be an oaf to the commenters.

  7. nya nya nya. J’avais eu suffise de gens avec opinions pour un jour et également de gens sans opinions. Mais c’est bien maintenant.

  8. elshazamerie Says:

    I think the Revolution is nigh. And if it isn’t… oh dear, well. Jolly good those that luckily find themselves beyond the clutches of that revolting educational system, that mirage of lies and deceit so dubbed High School.
    Ah… for those still in the clutches: Stand fast, do not waver!!! When you are rid of that cage, you will appreciate your own freedom all the more.

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