Mr. Queasy, the fish, is a wellspring of playfully quaint humour, poetry and creative writing—although a haphazard critique or kvetch is likely to find its way through from time to time.

Within the vicarious bounds that limit the extension of this amorphous beauty, many disciplines find their place and a communion with each other; from the orderly haiku to the most shapeless free-verse and tricksy musing. Here, thoughts dribble, capriciously smattering the canvas of philosophy. The picturesque visage of humanness, the foibles of flavours and the lyrical expressions they evoke are wonders to behold.

If a meandering idea happens to pull a heartstring, by all means join the masquerade and whip up some whimsy of your own. It will surely find a cosy welcome and home.

Mittens and Mr. Queasy


One Response to “About”

  1. Renaissance Guy Says:

    Interesting blog. I’ll visit again.

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