The most raucous musical box

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 UTC

The host with a flourish bids everyone welcome
to the gaudy and grandiose banquet alfresco
that is Life when unmasked.
The crackers surrender their colorful prizes
as hanging piñatas hide garish surprises.
The band is cacophony chiming delightful,
the names on the place-cards all parody spelling.
The wine is served lukewarm and sour!

But if still you should want to attempt the endeavor
of deducing some order from turmoil so lively
Alas! Then you leave empty-handed.

Vers Libre

Monday, September 17th, 2007 UTC

A thunder tears the horizon,
a second spans throughout infinity
and the mighty beast, tamed, vanishes.
Once unconquerable, it is engulfed in an abyss;
diminished by the shadows of its own grandeur.
As fast as it came, it is now gone;
ephemeral, it dies without a past or future,
never to be seen again.