The Big Taco

Friday, November 2nd, 2007 UTC

After long hours at the look for codecs that would reveal the inner truths of an unsettling video file Anonymous sent you, you find yourself in a never-ending voyage; you realise that the universe, in its infinite forms, conspires against you. Your quest now seems the farthest from its conclusion. ‘When did standards go wrong?’ you weep in a cri de coeur. Nothing but silence answers back, slowly invading you with an eerie sensation.
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Faceless Anonymous – 顔なしの顔です!

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 UTC

If you ever had the chance to lurk some in a web forum or image board, you have probably [though unknowingly] met Anonymous. “Who is Anonymous?” you might ask…

Anonymous delivers:

Anonymous is both the brightest and the most brutally numbskull being that can possibly exist. Anonymous is a god amongst men. He is the proud inventor of the moon and assassin of former president David Palmer. Anon, as referred to by close acquaintances is harder than the hardest metal known to man: diamond. He does not forgive. He was born and raised in West Philly and currently dwells in Bel-Air with his uncle and auntie.

Anonymous is the collective intelligence that reigns over the internet. Anon is you and me, your mother and father; even grandma the first time she got mail. Anonymous is everybody and nobody. An expanding entity known by many names.
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