Flowers for the aesthete

Monday, May 12th, 2008 UTC

Remembrances are the warmth that soaks the viscera,
while idle speculation ventilates the lungs
and beauty is the scarlet that rolls in the blood.

Addicted to the whimsies and antics of Life, and dying by the day.
Death overtakes all that ventures to live, snatching the softness of flesh and the sweetness of voice, leaving only bones, calcified regrets– vestiges of grace.
But it is because his most favourite flowers will shrivel by tomorrow that they smell so sweet to him today.

The aftertaste of melancholy will always linger over the aesthete, for his paintings are more human than he– who lived the lives of a thousand colorful portraits, but left his own frame unfilled.


Warhol You!

Monday, May 28th, 2007 UTC

The Pop Art movement has evolved to maturity. Even though it has been criticised because of its lack of essence, the Pop Art movement has become one of the most influential artistic movements of the twentieth century; and it is still today.

Based upon the principle of art being popular, the aptly-named Pop Art movement uses everyday items as its main topic. From oversized purple bananas and Campbell’s Soup cans, to Warhol’s vision of Marilyn Monroe, Pop Art has moved at a fast pace to the hearts of people all around the world.

Next time you see the face of a Japanese blogger in a four-piece mosaic with fluorescent colours. You will know it is PopArt in its purest form. Enjoy and savour popular expression.