The Students Will Rise!

Sunday, September 16th, 2007 UTC

Education is put at stake by misleading evaluating procedures and curricula designed to suppress and maltreat creativity. Schools today manage to transform the eager youth into idle-minded minions of a null society. How has this happened?

The passive approach to education wholeheartedly schemes to bring the naturally inquisitive down. A textbook becomes the ultimate decision-maker, while students are taught to fear it rather than to be critical of its contents. Understanding, once the basis of education, is now undermined; replaced with memorisation. Passion starves, almost vanished, for there are no reasons to be passionate about. Subjects as fascinating as History and Literature are reduced to reciting definitions and dates; Mathematics and Physics educators overlook concepts and berate pupils for not obtaining the the right answer, the textbook answer. Learning metamorphoses then into a duty rather than a pleasure.

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