A Solipsistic Dream

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 UTC

Original en español: Un sueño solipsista

eyes half open;
I see you in the distance.
I come closer slowly;
still distant,
you wave at me with your hand;
still distant,
and I wave back at you at the same time.

you see me in the distance;
your eyes half open.
you come closer slowly,
still distant,
I wave at you with my hand;
still distant,
you wave back at me,
at the same time.

I know it because I see you with my eyes,
and you know it because you see me with yours.

I see you in my mind through my eyes,
which are mine since it’s through them I see.
and you see me in your mind through your eyes,
which are yours since through them you see.

but as we get closer I see that it’s my hand that you wave in the air;
and you realise that the hand with which I wave at you is yours.
and in my mind I see that the eyes with which you see me are my own;
and in your mind you see that the eyes with which I see you are your own.

because I am you,
and you are me;
because you exist in my mind,
or I exist in yours?



Friday, February 20th, 2009 UTC

what if we were trapped?
held captive by our reality;
incarcerated in the present.

y ¿si viviéramos sin recuerdos?
encerrados en un olvido continuo;
en la apatía del desinterés.

et, si on ne rêvait jamais?
en voyant le lendemain tout flou,
sans espoir pour l’avenir.

would it be worthwhile
to follow the stream adrift..?

¿valdría la pena
seguir el río sin manantial..?

vaudrait-il la peine
de suivre la rivière sans destination..?

Vers Libre

Monday, September 17th, 2007 UTC

A thunder tears the horizon,
a second spans throughout infinity
and the mighty beast, tamed, vanishes.
Once unconquerable, it is engulfed in an abyss;
diminished by the shadows of its own grandeur.
As fast as it came, it is now gone;
ephemeral, it dies without a past or future,
never to be seen again.