Libertines, Tyrants, and Man.

Thursday, January 10th, 2008 UTC

If only Man could live like those other
freethinkers who exist o’er existence.
Libertines past humanity’s wonder;
those who love for its sake, without pretence.
But Man berates himself for such amours.

If only Man could live fearless of those
who dare oppress and punish other men.
Yet ’tis naught but o’ fancy an o’erdose;
Oppressors are no more than other men
and Man himself is the only Tyrant.

Alas, there’s yet more for Man’s sweet dolour.
If it be regarded in true candour
what he loves and fears most is ev’ryone.
Libertines, Tyrants, and Man, all are one.


Whimsical Perambulation

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 UTC

This a tale, of a dream, of a train.
Not any machine, only plain and mundane.
Of joy and fantasy, a locomotive.
Cast with magic, without a motive.

Holding still, the world moves around it.
In present, and past, and future you’ll find it.
In order to spot it, you must not be searching.
Open your heart, and it won’t be hiding.
Calling your name with it’s touching “choo-choo,”
Sooner or later it’ll come across you.

Two girls and a boy, together were riding,
On the magical train late one evening.
Dreaming and laughing, and waving at strangers,
The magical train had delightful passengers.

Around and around the palace of dreams they sailed
kindling souls of bystanders with rapture thinly veiled
In the undaunted little blue car that cruised so far
Way beyond kiosk, coffee-house, and sushi bar.

The lights always glaring so jovial, so friendly,
Harmoniously gleaming on shoppes in an alley.
“A sweet surprise, what a twist!”
The children would say as they whirled through the mist.

The train was a-flying,
Over the people a-staring.
What a gaze! What a chance!
Magical train! An instant romance!

Once eager passengers, souls become oblivious.
However, the train, is ever so spacious.
Being inviting, you should wave at strangers,
As they might become the train’s future passengers.